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Windows users can consider PDFCreator a credible rival to Adobe Acrobat. Creating PDFs is as easy as printing, literally, as once installed, you can select PDFCreator as your printer, letting you create PDFs from practically any application.

DOWNLOAD File Size:0.73 MB Downloaded Time: 5742


Reliable, customizable, intuitive and free, Notepad++ is the most popular Windows-based CSS editor around. It offers everything: syntax highlighting; folding and auto-completion for CSS, C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, XML and PHP; multi-file viewing; tabbed editing; zoom in/out; and bookmarks.

DOWNLOAD File Size:0.73 MB Downloaded Time: 4398
Wordpress 4.0New

WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging platform, used by a staggering 202 million websites.

DOWNLOAD File Size:5.77 MB Downloaded Time: 4088
GnuCash 2.6.4New


GnuCash provides a great, free alternative to paid-for accounting software. Designed for personal and small business use, it offers bank account, stock, income and expense tracking, in addition to double-entry accounting.


DOWNLOAD File Size:104.7 MB Downloaded Time: 3216
Audacity 2.0.6New


Music software like Cubase and Logic Pro can be incredibly expensive, which is why an increasing number of people are turning to Audacity, a free, cross-platform sound editor. Users can record and edit live audio; cut, copy, splice and mix sounds; and convert ageing tapes and records into digital format.


DOWNLOAD File Size:0.73 MB Downloaded Time: 2713

Freemind is a terrific mind-mapping tool, which lets you get all your thoughts down as quickly as possible with the use of icons, shapes and colors. Besides the ordinary nodes and links, you can add hyperlinks and even documents to your maps.

DOWNLOAD File Size:0.35 MB Downloaded Time: 2068
Calibre 2.8.0New

According to Calibre, it’s the “one stop solution to all your e-book needs”. I’m inclined to agree. Besides letting you catalogue and manage your e-book collection, sorting, tagging and commenting on them as you please, you can download content from the internet and convert it into e-book form.

DOWNLOAD File Size:59.43 MB Downloaded Time: 1869
Mozilla ThunderbirdNew


With its speedy searches, built-in RSS feeds, strong security and superb add-ons, Thunderbird has to be the best, free email application available. If you’re prepared to spend some time tailoring your email environment with add-ons, you’ll absolutely love it, but it’s probably not ideal for complete novices.


DOWNLOAD File Size:25.25 MB Downloaded Time: 1783

Magento, used by 30,000 merchants, including Samsung, Nespresso and The North Face, is the world’s fastest growing e-commerce platform.

DOWNLOAD File Size:0 MB Downloaded Time: 1645

Pidgin is the ultimate, free instant messaging tool. It provides you with one window through which you can simultaneously interact with different people, whichever instant messaging platform they’re using.

DOWNLOAD File Size:0 MB Downloaded Time: 1577

Blender is a 3D content creation suite which can be used for everything from modeling to skinning, particle simulation, animating and texturing.

DOWNLOAD File Size:0 MB Downloaded Time: 1510

Handbrake rips/converts DVDs to MPEG-4 for playing back on your iPod or archiving. It doesn’t have the ability to decode DVDs, but can do so if you have VLC, which includes a DVD encoder, installed on your computer.

DOWNLOAD File Size:0 MB Downloaded Time: 1347

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