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download Conversion Tools 3.0
Conversion Tools 3.0

The latest version of the font conversion software is available under the name Conversion Tools. Earlier versions of the software were respectively known as Font Converter  and  Rupanter . These earlier versions are no longer available. Conversion Tools contain both software for converting Nepali text in non-Unicode fonts like Preeti, Kantipur, JagHimali, Kanchan and Himali etc. to Unicode compatible fonts like  Madan , Kalimati, Samanata  etc. and Nepali text in Unicode compatible fonts to non Unicode Preeti font. Conversion Tools comes with several added up features like support for drag and drop for files, enhanced user interface, support for multiple conversion of files at a time etc.

This software has been developed in Java Language. It requires Java Runtime Environment version 6 or higher. Click here to download JRE 6

The ConversionTools 3.0 now comes up with a totally new and sleek GUI while utmost priority has been given to make it much more user-friendly. Some of the attractive features of the application are:


  • An integrated suite (Font Converter as well as DeConverter) for conversion
  • Support for “Drag and Drop” functionality
  • Visually enticing and user-friendly GUI (Menu bar and Tool bar)
  • Support for multiple conversion (one or more files can be converted at a time)
  • Increase in the accuracy of the conversion engine
  • Improved functionality


Software source Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya 

DOWNLOAD File Size:1.14 MB Downloaded Time: 9796 Suggest for update



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